About Swede Hollow Park

Swede Hollow Park is a natural corridor within the heart of the city following Phalen Creek in the Dayton's Bluff district. The Park’s unique geography as a 25 acre, 150-foot deep ravine surrounded by dense communities makes it an ideal place for urban neighbors to discover and enjoy a quiet natural habitat away from the traffic and commotion of daily life. The area first known to European settlers as “Svenska Dalen,” now Swede Hollow Park is part of a sacred region for the Dakota people.  After the railroad arrived, it became a popular place for new immigrants to settle, beginning with the Swedes in the 1860s, then Italians, Irish, Poles, Mexicans, and others. The last houses in Swede Hollow were removed by city authorities in 1956 and the railroad tracks through the heart of the park have been converted to one of the most stunning sections of the Bruce Vento Regional Trail. The surrounding neighborhoods continue to attract   immigrant communities from around the world, including Salvadoran, Karen, Hmong, East African, and others.

About the Master Plan

The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department is asking for public input on creating a master plan for Swede Hollow Park. The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a focused park strategy informed by the landscape and community desires. The master plan’s focus will include improving park and equitable access, increasing visibility and sense of security, natural resource management, providing options to restore stream flow to Phalen Creek, and historical and cultural interpretation and management for Swede Hollow Park. For information on the Swede Hollow Park Master Plan Project including timeline and meetings, please visit www.stpaul.gov/swedehollowmasterplan.

About the Survey

This survey is being conducted by a partnership between The City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department and Lower Phalen Creek Project (LPCP), a St. Paul non-profit whose mission is to engage people in honoring and caring for our natural places and the sacred sites and cultural value within them. LPCP’s work includes the proposed restoration of Phalen Creek within Swede Hollow Park. Please participate in this community survey to guide the direction of this beloved park’s Master Plan.At the conclusion of the survey, interested participants may elect to participate in a drawing to win a $50 Gift Certificate from an East Side business establishment. Thank you!Imagine a beautiful creek in East Side Saint Paul!

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