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Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary Restoration

Join the City of Saint Paul in restoration events at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary >>REGISTER<<

“Our nature sanctuary is home to a diverse native prairie plant community. Gravel trails wind through fields of big bluestem, little bluestem, side-oats grama and Indian grass. Visitors can continue along the paths around small ponds lined with joe-pye weed, boneset, vervain and marsh marigold.

Volunteers play a huge role in restoring this park’s native habitat. They help us control invasive species such as crown vetch, bird’s foot trefoil, and musk thistle constantly threaten the integrity of Bruce Vento’s native plant community!

No experience necessary...Just a desire to be outdoors and learn about this local prairie and how YOU can restore it.

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary (293 Commercial St, Saint Paul 55106). CLICK HERE for a map of the meeting location.  

If you need to cancel our registration please email Tricia. Thank you!

Tricia Wehrle | 651-632-2411 |