Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary is a 27-acre city park and natural area just east of downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, offering a wealth of features to inspire and educate.


Check out the links below and contact us for information on other resources, including water quality testing equipment for loan, on-site education opportunities and funds for busing.

  • Towering limestone and sandstone bluffs
  • Wakan Tipi, a cave sacred to the Dakota
  • Fresh spring-fed stream and wetlands
  • Restored prairie and forest habitat
  • Remnants of Saint Paul’s early industrial history
  • Walking paths with interpreted features
  • Bird life that includes bald eagles and other raptors, shorebirds & migrating songbirds

Make the most of your visit with these resources!

I. Educator/Visitor’s guide with logistical details

II. Science Lessons that meet Minnesota State Standards
BVNS Science Curriculum
BVNS Science Curriculum Supplementary Materials

III. Indigenous Education Science/Social Studies Lessons and Resources
Lesson 1: Indigenous Gifts
Lesson 2: Ethical Science and Engineering in the North Star State?
Lesson 3: The Chocolate Turtle Shell, Solar Sand Castle Eclipse
Lesson 4: Changing Life, Changing Technology and Changing Names on a Map.
Indigenous education supplementary materials
Blue Rope River activity

IV. Maps, guides, panels and images
Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary Site Guide
East Side Park and Trail Map
Sanctuary map from video tour
Interpretive panel: Birding
Interpretive panel: Reclamation
Interpretive panel: Dakota history
Map of National Park Service “Ranger on Call” locations
Powerpoint of sanctuary images ((((need smaller file or delete)))
National Park Service/Minnesota Historical Society images

V. Links

Educational video tour of the sanctuary

Art Inspired by the Sanctuary (Click HERE)

Links to additional information:

Lessons on American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges
National Museum of the American Indian

Water Ways! A Minnesota Water Primer and Project WET Companion, published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, provides many resources for teachers and students. 

Know Your Watershed- Lesson developed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that involves multiple disciplines and examines the local and Mississippi watershed.

Article on Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary providing background information

Minnesota Green Schools

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation natural resources information