Imagine a beautiful creek in East Side Saint Paul!

Phalen Creek historically flowed out of Lake Phalen, meandering for about 4 river miles through East Side St. Paul until emptying into the Mississippi River on the other side of what is today Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. Between the late 1800s and 1930s, the creek was put entirely underground in a large storm pipe. LPCP proposes bringing portions of the creek back above ground, in particular two stretches: (1) along the west side of Johnson Parkway between Maryland Avenue and Phalen Boulevard (Reach 7 on the map below), and/or (2) along part of the Bruce Vento Regional Trail between Frank Avenue and Swede Hollow Park (Reach 5 below). It could result in stream channels approximately 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide, on average. The stream banks would be restored and stabilized, and public access amenities are also possible. For example, small wading pools could be created, like a smaller version of the one at Minnehaha Falls park. There are many other possibilities as well. Please take the survey(s) and share your ideas!

Map in Creek survey LR.jpg