The Lower Phalen Creek Project was founded in 1997 as a partnership between Saint Paul’s East Side and Lowertown neighborhoods. Our project area stretches from Lake Phalen to the Mississippi River and our work is powered by a Steering Committee of citizens that represent the neighborhoods and cultural communities with ties to this area. We actively partner with the City of Saint Paul and others to:


Complete the redevelopment of the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary as an ecological, cultural and educational resource and vibrant community asset.


Create and promote use of new trail and greenspace connections that link Saint Paul’s East Side to Lowertown and the Mississippi River and fill key local gaps in the regional trail system.

Improve the water quality and ecological health of our communities through raingardens and other sustainability initiatives. 


The new Lowertown Ballpark creates a great opportunity to invigorate the area, and will feature hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to the east-end of downtown Saint Paul. The building at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary will be in a prime location within just a short distance of the new ballpark.
— Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman